"Father Forgive Them" is the brand new musical from Martin Fletcher!


Written by Martin Fletcher with additional songs by Joanne Wallace and Tony Bracken, "Father Forgive Them" is the musical adaptation of the life and sacrifce of Jesus Christ.


With songs ranging from the hilarious to the heart-breaking, "Father Forgive Them" is a must see for anyone interested in the life of Jesus Christ.




1)     Let Us Gather (J. Wallace)

2)     Keeper of Time (T. Bracken)

3)     Choose The Way Of God (M. Fletcher)

4)     Jesus In The Temple (M. Fletcher)

5)     Cana (M. Fletcher)

6)     Here I Am Lord (M. Fletcher)

7)     What Would You Do? (M. Fletcher)

8)     Join Me In The Dark (M. Fletcher)

9)     You're Mine (M. Fletcher / J. Wallace)

10)    One Life / Rejoice / Gloria (M. Fletcher)

11)    Song Of The Last Supper (M. Fletcher)

12)    Father Forgive Them (M. Fletcher)

13)    They Took Him (M. Fletcher)

14)    I Call Your Name (J. Wallace)



The download, sheet music & script will all be available

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